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The large 24˝ x 36˝ “Shelby

Decade” poster is also a Larry

Gardinier creation. All of these

posters are now available from

him directly. For ordering details

and prices go to:

They’re still available, but not from us. We began this project in 1995 when we

contacted artist Larry Gardinier with the idea to do a series of posters that resem-

bled Hollywood B movie posters. Gardinier is a master with the airbrush and he

would eventually create a dozen different posters. We felt it then and we still feel

today that these are the nicest Shelby related posters ever made. We had them

made in a 16˝ x 20˝ size for two reasons: first, this was a common picture frame

size and second, they wouldn’t take up as much room as a three-foot poster.