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Hard to believe a million-dollar

Cobra would have been treated this

way fifty years ago. Oh, wait – it

wasn’t a million dollar car back then.

It was just a one of a handful of race

cars that were built by the factory to

race in a specific time frame. They

were outdated quickly and were re-

placed by newer, updated models and

sold as used cars to independent rac-

ers who continued to flog them.

Shelby entered three Cobras in

the Road America 500 USRRC in Sep-

tember 1964. Ken Miles and Ronnie

Bucknum drove #98, CSX2431. John

Morton and Skip Scott drove #97,

CSX2492. The third car (serial num-

ber not known) was driven by Ed

Leslie and Bob Johnson. As the photos

along the bottom show, when Miles

was driving, a head gasket let go and

he parked the car near Canada Cor-

ner. When he got back to the pits he

was added to the leading team Cobra

and by virtue of his superior skill and

experience and was put behind the

wheel of the #97 car. He was driving at

the end of the race, finishing 2nd

Overall and 1st in the GT class. The

photos show the team riding on the

car as Miles drove it to the Winner’s

Circle. Pictured [

top, left to right

] are

Kerry Agapiou, Peyton Cramer, Cecil

Bowman, drivers John Morton and

Skip Scott, and Pat Rogers.

Cobras must have had thicker

skins back then.