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Summer 2016



The magazine of the Shelby American Automobile Club

Summer 2016

ON THE COVER. The cover of the

summer issue is traditionally saved

for the annual convention. With

Hertz cars everywhere, we asked

SAAC’s Hertz Registrar, Greg Ko-

lasa, to see if he could take a picture

of some Hertz cars that would be

suitable for the cover. He was able

to check that box for us. There were

about three dozen Hertz cars at

SAAC-41: 1966, 2006 and even a

couple of 2016 models that were

rented and driven to the conven-

tion. There were probably more

than that but getting all of them to

park together for a headcount was


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tomobile Club. All rights reserved. No

part of this publication may be repro-

duced or translated without prior ex-

press written permission from the

Shelby American Automobile Club.


12 pages.

SAAC-41 was alive with Hertz cars, as befits a 50th

Anniversary Celebration. We provide the details, some of which you may have

missed even if you were there. And if you weren’t there, this is the next best thing.

There was plenty to do, including a tour on Thursday where everyone ended up

in the Ohio State Reformatory. They were quickly paroled. The evening program

on Friday included a talk by movie screenwriter Patrick Kriwanek who provided

some details about the major motion picture about Cobras that is in the works.


3 pages.

The Popular Vote car show always seems

like it flies by. It takes as much time to get the cars in place on the show field as

it does to actually vote. Some trouble was anticipated before the event when show

chairperson Diana Duffee received a cryptic note that was signed “The Riddler.”

She enlisted the help of the Caped Crusader and his partner, who happened to

share more than a passing resemblance to Howard Pardee. They parked the Bat-

mobile on the show field but didn’t stay long enough to get any votes. Zap! Pow!


17 pages.

The usual cornucopia of Shelby-related items of

interest. For openers, CSX2000 will be changing owners soon. And how does the

car at the left, which looks like something Goofy might drive in a Disney cartoon,

fit in to any Cobra equation? Another graffiti vandal captured on film showing

no signs of guilt or remorse. Cobra and Shelby pictures you’ve probably never

seen before. Check out the Revs Institute digital photo archives...if you have time

because it will consume some. Dan Gurney for Governor? What? You missed that?


14 pages.

Yes, that’s Bob Dylan on his Triumph 650

Bonneville talking to a guy in a Cobra t-shirt inWoodstock, NY – about four years

before the festival. On the master eagle eye battlefront, we lost one and gained

one, demonstrating some sense of equilibrium in the world. A GT40 spotted in a

“Man From Uncle” TV episode we’ll bet you never saw. What an eagle eye can

catch in “Back To The Future Part II.” A GT40 on the streets of Paris? Peter Brock

puttering with Stromberg 97s? And more.