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to Ocean City, Maryland, or about

driving it to Nags Head, North Car-

olina with a hang glider on the roof. I

tell them about traveling across the

country and sleeping in it. Last sum-

mer I went to my first SAAC conven-

tion (SAAC-40) where it won 3rd in

popular vote. I drove it up to Pocono in

the rain, went on the poker run and

generally had a great time.We plan on

going to SAAC-41 and we’ll drive it

there. This is a car that was made to

be driven.

I have had it at the DC New Car

Show over the past several years in

the Classic Mustang Display and peo-

ple are amazed that I drive it into the

city in February, or even that I drive it

at all.When they find out it was an ex-

rental car and that they could have

rented it in 1966 they are truly

amazed that such a time existed when

you could actually rent one of these

cars. Even today, at a car show and

cruises, I see young people looking at

it, most probably thinking, “

Oh, an old



But once in a while you see some-

one with something in their eyes. A

person with that special fire and pas-

sion that lets me know that after I am

long dead and gone, they will be the

keeper of the keys. They will be the

ones driving these cars and telling

others about the fun they have had.

When I see a person like that I call

them over and ask them, “

Would you

like to sit in it?


Summer 2016 78