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front of us was NOT going, we pro-

ceeded to have some fun and take the

long way to the convention center.

With 500 horsepower on tap, I’m

pretty sure we still arrived a lot ear-

lier than that truck and trailer.

Saturday was car show day and I

still can’t get over how many Hertz

Shelbys were there together. I was

particularly surprised that with over

a dozen ‘66 cars, every one of them was

black. Of course all the ‘06 and ‘16

Hertz cars were black but parking on

the dusty gravel...well, they didn’t stay

very black for very long. There were

some pretty incredible cars in the

show and I’m very happy that I was

able to make the 50th Anniversary cel-

ebration event. I’ll remember it for a

long time.


Summer 2016 69


$349/day x 3 days

$ 118.19

Concession Fee/Recovery (reimburses Hertz for concession fees

paid to the airport)

$ 28.24

Motor Vehicle Location Tax & Customer Facility Charge (imposed

by airport in addition to the Concession Fee/Recovery

$ 239.44


$ 269.97

Loss Damage Waiver (insurance)

$ 41.85

Liability Insurance Supplement


Discount negotiated by the renter



SAAC member Doug Protz thought he would make this convention a

memorable one so he rented a 2016 Shelby GT-H in Chicago and drove it to

Mid-Ohio as part of a caravan organized by Troy Kruger. In all, six Hertz

cars (one ‘66, four 2006s and one 2016 along with a ‘65 Mustang R-Model

clone) made the six and a half-hour, 275-mile trip. They kept the speeds to

60 mph in deference to the ‘66 GT350H. Its 3.89 gears would have had the

engine working overtime if they had kicked it up to 70mph.

The cost for the weekend? $1719.69 ($2234.05 Canadian). Was it worth

flying from Calgary to Chicago and renting the car? Absolutely. It cost

$573.23 a day and Prost said he would definitely do it again. Without in-

tending it, he gave one ‘16 Hertz car some additional history. Fifty years

from now somebody will be including car # 079 in their talk at a convention.

The Cost of a Memory