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hotels for the first evening.

The following morning most of us

missed the impromptu Hertz photo op-

portunity, but Doug and Steve were

there along with me and my GT-H. I

literally was just rolling into the track

when I saw a black and gold line of

cars going somewhere together and I

hopped in line to join the commotion.

After the group photo, I assembled a

threesome of ‘66, ‘06 and ‘16 anniver-

sary cars for another photo opportu-


The rest of Thursday was mostly a

blur as things were happening so

quickly, and then suddenly we were all

getting in line for our parade laps

around Mid-Ohio’s road course. This

turned out to be my favorite part of

the whole convention. Sitting in line

with nearly thirty black-and-gold

Hertz cars was simply incredible.

Never before, and likely never again,

will there be such an amazing gather-

ing of my favorite cars and I was excit-

ing to be part of it. As fired up as I was

to be on the track with my black-and-

gold family, I also wished I could be on

the sidelines to watch and take it all

in. Hopefully somebody was taking

some good video and photos. I enjoyed

the rest of the day at what seemed like

a blistering pace as the hours ticked

off and my sunburn grew worse.

One of the vintage racers from

Minnesota asked me to provide him a

ride to the dinner after the final race,

and I enjoyed the opportunity to get a

close look at what goes on in the pits.

He also showed me the ins and outs of

his race car and other cars paddocked

around him. After a shower and

change of clothes, he was very excited

to be in my Shelby and after deciding

to go whichever way the trailer in


Summer 2016 68