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was still under warranty so the dealer

came out and towed it in. The next day

I got it back and they had done some-

thing to the transmission and it

worked fine. When I got the microfilm,

one of the first things I did was look

for my car. I noticed that on the war-

ranty form there was a lot more work

than I remembered. And it wasn’t my

signature on the form! And sure

enough, that dealer got closed down by

Ford Motor Company. They came in

and locked the doors because of fraud-

ulent service warranties.

SAAC: What car is the most searched-

for Shelby?

LISKA: Without a doubt, the pink car

Playboy gave to Connie Kreski in

1969. Although she died in 1995 (of a

blocked carotid artery), the latest

piece of information I have is her ad-

dress in Los Angeles, which I got from

the microfilm, because Ford wanted to

send her the car’s registration which

she never received. And you need that

in California. On one of my trips to a

Southern California convention I was

going to drive by the place to see if

there was a garage nearby and ask

around to see if anyone had seen a

pink Shelby running around years


SAAC: So, you were going to stalk her.

LISKA: Not really, because she had

been dead for ten years. Just before I

was ready to leave on that trip some-

one published an article that said her

agent never got paid for his services so

he took the car in exchange. Suppos-

edly the car is in Mexico and is in

primer. It’s not even pink anymore.

Finding that car would make someone

very happy.

SAAC: Has anyone made a “tribute


LISKA: No, but I’ve heard talk about

a couple of different guys thinking

about it. But nothing yet. For years I

attempted to contact the Playboy

Club, just trying to research an article

on the car but I couldn’t get any kind

of response. I did find something on

the warranty service microfilm. A Pas-

tel Gray GT500 automatic with no A/C

had a note attached that said “


car – paint pink

” and the pink paint

code was noted. The serial number

that we never could get out of Playboy

was on the invoice.

SAAC: Do you get the feeling that

you’ve gotten about as much informa-

tion about these cars as you’re going to


LISKA: Cars keep changing hands, so

there will always be updates on new

owners, and if they get restored, re-

painted, pictured in a magazine or win

a car show here and there, we’ll up-

date the registry’s individual history

on that car. But for us to get some-

thing new, as in

Stop The Presses! This

Changes Everything!

I can’t see that

happening. I think aside from small

details we pretty much have every-

thing we’re going to get. And it’s an

amazing amount of material.

SAAC: How long will you keep keepin’

on? Any plans to retire and turn the

reins over to someone else?

LISKA: No. I am happy to keep doing

what I’m doing. And as long as I can

turn on my computer I have no plans

to go anywhere. Heck, I’ve already

done all of the heavy lifting. Now I

want to enjoy the “golden years.”


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