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Thursday wrapped up at a local

country club for the traditional “Wel-

coming Mixer.” We were joined by spe-

cial guests (VIPs as we like to call

them) who were happy to meet club

members and provide autographs and

pose for photos. Pictured here [


left to right

]: Bernie Kretzschmar,

Steve Saleen, Chuck Cantwell, Jim

Marietta and Tom Yeager.

Some of SAAC’s registrars were

also on hand, always anxious to up-

date their databases and provide in-

formation on specific cars on request.

Jeff Burgy [


], the Registrar for

new Ford GTs had his trusty laptop

with him. It was bursting at the seams

with his photo archives containing not

only individual Ford GTs but every

Cobra and Shelby photo he has taken

since the late 1960s.

Bob McClurg has been a race pho-

tographer since the late 1960s when

he was a virtual fixture at most larger

west coast drag race events. His pho-

tos have been published in just about

every automobile magazine and lately

he has been writing books about vari-

ous muscle cars, including an excellent

one on Tasca Ford. He had samples of

some of his photography and after the

handful of books he brought sold out

he was busy taking orders for drag

racing prints.

Also on view were samples of

Hertz memorabilia brought by a few of

the more serious collectors. The drool-

inducing items were eagerly (and care-

fully) examined by Hertz owners,

many of whom discovered things they

had never seen before (and probably

didn’t have a snow cone’s chance in

Hades of acquiring). But isn’t that why

you come to conventions?


The cruise went through the township of Shelby. What are the odds of the local Masonic

Lodge being #350? You can’t make that stuff up. Seeing the name “Shelby” on anything

not relating to something automotive always causes a double-take among Shelby people.

The local firehouse and VFW monument are cases in point.

Summer 2016 36