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Sure enough, the rain started

after midnight. It arrived without any

heavy winds so there was that. By

mid-morning it had blown out of town,

much to everyone’s delight.

The most important thing for the

people who were fixated on the open

track was the drivers meeting.

Howard Pardee was the man in charge

and he left no doubt he was the head

honcho. He explained how the event

would be run and when he was fin-

ished pontificating, everyone was

given a wristband which signified that

they had attended the safety briefing.

Without that they would not put a

wheel on the track, and that’s why

everyone is in such a tizzy to get to the

track and to the meeting.

Once the rain stopped the swap

meet vendors began unpacking. There

weren’t as many as at past conven-

tions, but this is just a sign of the


Around lunch time some conven-

tioneers had the opportunity to stretch

their right legs on the parade laps. All

of the spots weren’t filled, but it was

close. Passengers were invited to ride

along and they got an excellent sense

of what it is like to drive on Mid-Ohio’s

fifteen-turn, 2.4-mile circuit. You can’t

see all of the track from behind the

fences but seeing from a driver’ per-

spective is worthwhile.


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