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t has become something of a tra-

dition to use an event to com-

memorate an anniversary or

recognize some special occasion. Nor-

mally these observances are tied to

ten, twenty or fifty year increments.

Birthdays happen once a year but

after you’ve had ten or twelve of them,

they begin to lose their significance.

Right now, 50 seems to be the big mile-

stone, and plenty of important of

things happened in 1966. When it

came to planning this year’s conven-

tion, there was no shortage of choices.

The major one seemed to be the 50th

Anniversary of Ford’s LeMans victory

in 1966. We decided to choose some-

thing else for two reasons: first every-

one and their brother could be


Summer 2016 32

Has it really been 50 years since Hertz unleashed GT350s

on the renting public? Yes it has.

A few dozen were on hand at Mid-Ohio to celebrate.

– Rick Kopec