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Summer 2016 31

Here’s an interesting concept: Mecum

auctions has partnered up with Sun-

Trust Bank to provide Mecum bidders

with loans approved in advance

should they attend the auction and see

a car that catches their fancy. The fi-

nancing limits are from $5k to $100K

with a low annual percentage rate.

The car they use in the ad is a silver

small block Cobra, but if you stop to

think about it, the $100K limit won’t

even get you close to what a car like

this will sell for. $100K won’t even get

you close to a decent Shelby Mustang.

If you ever find yourself in Flagstaff,

Arizona and are in need of a bail

bondsman, Dan Drury of Cape Gi-

rardeau, Missouri has a suggestion.

Mecum sent out an email notice for

their Indy auction to everyone on their

mailing list. We have to admit that we

approve of their choice of graphics.

Rod Hengst saw the perfect jumper kit

to use when your Cobra won’t turn

over. Wonder how it works on a pair of

Rebat batteries behind the passenger


This interesting double-page ad

turned up on the SAAC Forum, posted

by someone who wishes to remain

anonymous (because he only provided

a forum name with the post, so we will

accede to his wishes). Ampol Petro-

leum Limited was an Australian oil

company which produced petrochemi-

cal products and distributed them

through a chain of their own retail

service stations. In 1995 the company

merged with Caltex to become Caltex Australia Ltd. This ad, carried in an Aus-

tralian auto magazine in 1967 was part of a series which depicted illustrations

of other GT cars (like a Ferrari Dino or a Jensen FF).