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Summer 2016 29

Bet you never saw this episode of “The

Man From Uncle.” It was titled, “The

THRUSH Roulette Affair” and accord-

ing to eagle eye Steve Sloan, it was

first televised on October 23, 1967. The

plot is unimportant, except that one of

the characters is supposed to be a

widely known race car driver. To give

that credibility, the script called for

him to be working on a GT40 in a

scene where he is introduced into the

story by talking with Robert Vaughn.

The car is only on the screen for about

a minute. The engine is never started

and the car never moves. The rear clip

is open and at one point the “race car

driver” closes it by giving it a little

shove. It slams closed, thanks to grav-

ity, and you can see it actually bounce

once before it settles closed. You can

also picture the car’s owner, probably

standing just off screen, wincing and

hoping there is no need for a second


Howard Pardee stumbled across this

Internet story about snake enthusiast

Ali Ayoob of Chapel Hill, North Car-

olina, whose favorite king cobra bit

him. He drove himself to the hospital,

almost. The EMTs had to take over.

Dave Redman of Smithfield, Virginia discovered this picture in a Stromberg

97 carburetor catalog and commented that this kid looks a little like Peter

Brock. Hey, wait a minute! It


Peter Brock. He’s pictured putting a set of four

‘97s on his ‘46 Ford convertible. The white one with the blue LeMans stripes.