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guests and the sponsors who provided

the funds that allowed them to be

there. Additional tickets were sold to

convention attendees with a sense of

history who were interested in hear-

ing and seeing what was an interest-

ing and enjoyable series of comments.

These guys never seem to run out of

stories. Often hearing someone else

prompts memories that had been

buried in the back of their minds. The

stories came, practically non-stop,

with Carroll Shelby often stepping up

to the podium to add comments of his

own. Seeing all of these guys in action

was very memorable. As the program

wound down, the VIPs were ap-

proached for autographs and photos.

After the track activity wound

down everyone headed back to the

Sheraton hotel. There was a private

dinner for VIPs and sponsors, which

was followed by an evening program.

It centered around the GT40, because,

after all, we had included a GT40 Re-

union as part of the festivities.

On Monday everyone was back at

the track. At noon there were three 12-

lap vintage races: one for Cobras and

GT40s, one for Shelbys and one for

Trans-Am Mustangs. The wheel-to-

wheel racing was exciting, bringing

everyone to the fences. Rain was

threatening during the first two races

and by the Trans-Am race it began.

The parade lap was not yet completed

when the race was cancelled. We had

no desire to turn it into a demolition

derby. The end of SAAC’s largest con-

vention was hastened, but it had no ef-

fect on the memories.


Summer 2016 106