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be parked on the up-hill and down-

hill, and it would also have been too

much of a hike for people to make to

see every car. It ended up being an

amazing display as two rows of cars

(and sometimes three) parked nose to

tail filled the entire front straight.

The concours was set up in the hot

pits which ran along the side of the

track’s tower at the start/finish line.

The judges appreciated the asphalt,

instead of having to roll around on

grass or gravel. There were five Sur-

vivor cars entered and we consider

these important because so many cars

continue to be restored that those just

getting involved in the hobby, first-

time owners, have no accurate point of

reference as to what the cars looked

like when they were originally deliv-

ered to Shelby dealers. All they see are

cars that have been restored.

A special Sunday barbecue lunch

was scheduled for the 37 special


Summer 2016 105

Shelby American brought a couple of

transporters full of cars, including

CSX2000, which was parked in back and

lost amid the newer iron.