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Saturday was a repeat of Friday’s

open track schedule, except for vintage

race practice sessions in the morning

and afternoon. One was for Cobras

and GT40s, one for Shelbys and one

for Trans-Am cars, including mid-

1980s tube-frame cars. There was also

a Ladies’ Session at the end of the day,

which was well received. They all

drove within their limits but smile me-

ters were redlined.

By 7:30 p.m. everyone was back at

the Sheraton for a sit-down dinner

and a program of guest speakers.With

all of the former Cobra team members

in attendance, we had an excellent

choice of speaking talent. Carroll

Shelby, of course, spoke but so did a

combination of drivers and race me-

chanics who each shared some of their

most memorable experiences of the

races they participated in.

Sunday was “car show day” with

pop vote cars lined up on the track,

which was not in use due to Lime

Rock’s prohibition from racing on Sun-

days. That went back to 1957 and it

was a fact of life the track has learned

to live with. One of the highlights of

the weekend was a “GT40 Reunion”

which attracted a dozen of those cars,

including the 1966 LeMans winner,

the black #2 MK II driven by Bruce

McLaren and Chris Amon.

More than a thousand cars were

entered in the popular vote show. We

had intended to park them around the

entire track but by Sunday morning

decided to compress them onto only

the front straight and Big Bend. To

stretch them around the track would

have meant some cars would have to


Summer 2016 104

The agony of defeat. After an altercation

with a guardrail (note: guardrails do not

lose) this owner used his windshield to ad-

vertise for someone with a trailer to bring

his car back to New York. He obviously re-

ceived assistance because the car was gone

by the end of the convention.