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personal assistant and the manager of

the Shelby Heart Fund.

And speaking of the Shelby

Hearet Fund, SAAC’s Upper Miswest

Region was able to present Shelby’s

charity with a check for $10,000 after

raffling off a Shelby.

Saturday was a full day with the

open track, parts swap and concours

all vying for attention. Saturday night,

back at the hotel, there was a litera-

ture and memorabilia show and a

model car contest.

When everyone woke up on Sun-

day morning rain was coming down

literally in sheets. Most of the people

put on a brave face and went out to the

track where things weren’t much bet-

ter. Only a handful of brave souls went

out on the track. In fact, we grouped

all run groups together and had 3-

hour sessions. By the afternoon all but

a few diehards had packed it in.

The rain began to let up in late

morning and turned to drizzle. By

noon it had mostly stopped and an

hour later the track was drying. But it

was too late; most participants had


Spring 2016 80

Your worst nightmare? Not at SAAC-24. Fox-body Mustangs were popular state police cruisers for interstate highway use. They

were fast, had heavy duty suspensions and brakes and were relatively inexpensive. When they went out of service Mustang enthu-

siasts were eager to grab them up. They tended to be high mileage but were otherwise in excellent condition. And the law enforcement

options like lights, siren and shotgun rack made them unique. When you see one in your mirror during an open track it will increase

your heartbeat for a few seconds.