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More scheduling juggling was re-

quired when we discovered that the

Marriott Hotel had scheduled a wed-

ding for Saturday evening – when we

had planned our dinner and evening

program. Rather than ruin someone’s

wedding, we just switched our dinner

over to Friday night. It’s nice when

you can be flexible.

It was not possible to have an

early set-up at the track on Thursday

afternoon, so SAAC-24 actually was a

three-day convention. Friday morning

was a zoo, with people lined up before

6 a.m. and anxious to get through reg-

istration outside of the track and then

get inside through a tunnel so they

could find a paddock space, set up for

the swap meet or get to the 8 a.m. dri-

ver’s meeting.

The driver’s meeting began on

time, as did the First-Timer’s Class.

Open track run groups got sorted out

and the swap meet took shape. Before

anyone knew it, it was time to high-

tail it back to the hotel because the

evening program started at 7 p.m.

Carroll Shelby was on hand at SAAC-

24. He seemed intent on making it to

every convention following his heart

transplant. His comments seem to

have adopted a “wise old man” facade.

Shelby was joined by Cobra Team

driver Bob Johnson, a fixture at SAAC

conventions whose comments are al-

ways entertaining; Bernie Kret-

zschmar, who was one of the

fabricators who built R-Models and

Trans-Am notchbacks; Shelby Ameri-

can sales manager Tom Conley; and

Herlita Natividad, Carroll Shelby’s


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