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hotel because it could seat 800 for din-

ner. We scooped up four other nearby

hotels for the overflow. SAAC-24 plans

were beginning to come together


We started to put together a

schedule, made up of events that had

proven popular at past conventions. At

first it looked like we might be able to

include a NASCAR driving school on

Friday as the Richard Petty School

used MIS and we dutifully announced

this in a

Snakebite Bulletin

in Novem-

ber. Plans fell through, however, and it

was probably a good thing as they re-

quired a minimum number of students

and wanted us to commit to and there

was no way we could tell in advance if

we could meet that number. Not hav-

ing the Petty School presented no

problem in the scheduling department

because we used the time for open

track sessions.


Spring 2016 78

Tom Honegger of Lima, Ohio brought his

daughter, Joanne, 18, with him to the con-

vention. She had always wondered what

her dad’s attraction was to these events.

She convinced him to let her drive his ‘67

GT350 on the track and he signed her up

for one of the Ladies’ Sessions. After her

time in the car on MIS she got it. She fi-

nally knew why the car that had occupied

one of their garages all these years had

captivated her old man. When the day was

over she told him, “Dad, I think we bonded

today.” For a father, it doesn’t get much

better than that. He put “Ohio State Buck-

eyes” across the top of the windshield as a

thumb-in-the-eye for any University of

Michigan fans who where there; the two

schools have an ongoing football rivalry.