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that fit our requirements was MIS,

and their policy was not to rent to

clubs. Roger Penske owned the track

and Mock said he was a good friend.

Let me make a call...

” You can imag-

ine our surprise when MIS called us,

and told us that the track would be

available to SAAC. Suddenly our focus

on SAAC-24 became a lot sharper.

MIS is located in the small village

of Brooklyn, just the kind of a place

you’d expect to find a large speedway.

Meaning, not very near an urban or

suburban area. As a result, there were

no large 400-room hotels close by. Or

even two 200-room facilities. This

meant we would have to drive to the

track every day. The Hyatt Regency in

Dearborn was just too far away. But

Ann Arbor was only a 45-minute trip.

As a college town, there was a lot

going on at the end of June but we

managed to find a weekend that would

work with the track and we settled on

the Yipsilanti Marriott as the HQ


Spring 2016 77