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t was nine years since we vis-

ited Michigan, so it seemed like

a good time to give it a close

look for SAAC-24. The last time we

were there was SAAC-15 and it had

been our fourth convention at Dear-

born’s Hyatt Regency. If anybody

didn’t like that hotel they kept their

opinion to themselves...or they stayed

at a local Motel 6. At previous Dear-

born conventions we used Mid-Ohio as

a track, and the three-hour plus driv-

ing distance eliminated the possibility

of using it for more than one day.

Michigan International Speedway

was not renting to clubs or smaller or-

ganizations, and that’s exactly what

they told us when we called them. End

of conversation. At SAAC-23 in Char-

lotte we spoke with Butch Mock, a

SAAC member who also happened to

own a NASCAR Winston Cup team.

We mentioned that we were thinking

of holding the following year’s conven-

tion in Michigan but the only track


Spring 2016 76

Michigan International Speedway • JUNE 25-26-27, 1999

– Rick Kopec


The Graybeard Chronicles