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Spring 2016 75

Lest anyone think that clobbering a hay bale is about as damag-

ing as hitting a huge cotton ball, examine Exhibit “A.” If you’re

going fast enough, even a plastic cone can do some damage.

Ever since Cobra replicas have become plentiful, some of their

owners have been desirous of competing in vintage races. The

sanctioning bodies, however, mindful of opening a Pandora’s Box

for all manner of cars from exact duplicates to crude junkyard

specials, have resisted. Until recently. As starting grids dimin-

ished some have begun allowing replicas. The thinking is that a

few Cobra-looking vehicles in the mix is better than none as far

as spectators are concerned. The unintended consequence will

likely be that fewer owners of original Cobras will be willing to

put their cars at risk racing against replicas. Wait and see.