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Spring 2016 60

Was this one of those “

It seemed like a good idea at the time

” thoughts?”

The “Anti-Football Run” has been

going on for the past twenty-seven

years in Northern California. The pur-

pose is to provide owners of interest-

ing 25+ year-old cars who refused to be

glued to their televisions watching

football on New Year’s Day with an op-

portunity to hit the road and roll up

some miles. This year it was the anti-

dote to the Rose Bowl, The Outback

Bowl and The Buffalo Wild Wings Cit-

rus Bowl.

It started about 8 a.m. at a coffee

stop in Corte Madiera and the first car

rolled out at 9 a.m. The drive lasted

about four and a half hours and more

than 100 cars participated. It covered

scenic roads around Marin County, the

hot tub capital of the world. After a

couple of coffee stops along the way it

ended in Sausalito.

Football is like life – it requires

perseverance, self-denial, hard work,

sacrifice, dedication and respect for


.” – Vince Lombardi.

I’d rather go for a drive in a ‘57

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce.

” –

Martin Swig, Anti-Football Run


SAAC members Gary Goeringer

and Marty Beaulieu planned to partic-

ipate in their Kirkham Cobras some-

time in November so when the first of

the year rolled around they were

ready. When the temperatures dipped

into the low thirties it would have the

time for most enthusiasts to recon-

sider their decision. Beaulieu’s big

block did not have a heater (unless you

consider the exhaust pipes running

near the footboxes) and Goeringer’s

small block had one in name only. Co-

bras were never known for their


Their plan was to dress for the

weather. Wives Nancy and Dawn were

only slightly more realistic, deciding to

drive a normal vehicle (with a normal

heater) and meet up at the start, thus

limiting their time in the high speed

deep freeze as much as possible. An-

other one of those seemed-like-a-good-

idea-at-the-time decisions.

No matter how you dress, it was

cold. Standing around was bad enough

but once you’re cutting through the air

at 50 mph or more, any heat your body

may have generated is whisked away

by the airflow around the open cock-

pit. There are only so many times you

can ask yourself, “

Are we there yet?

You can see the enthusiasm in Dawn Goeringer’s face as her selfie shows her being buf-

feted in the Cobra cockpit’s slipstream.