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It’s another one of those “out of the

blue” submissions. This one arrived in

Howard Pardee’s email inbox and he

immediately passed it on to us. As

soon as we saw the photo of the red

289 Cobra we knew there was an arti-

cle in there somewhere. Harry Quack-

enboss grew up in the Bloomfield Hills

area of Michigan. It was an upscale

area where a lot of auto company ex-

ecutives lived. In high school he was

interested in cars, like a lot of us. This

was the mid-sixties and it was not un-

common for somebody’s father to come

home with a company car. Harry re-

calls that one of his friend’s father was

the chief engineer at Ford’s axle divi-

sion and he showed up with a four-

door Galaxie with a dual-quad 427

and a drag strip-ready rear axle ratio.

Another friend had a ‘64 Falcon with

the engine that had been in one of the

Comet 100,000-mile durability run at

Daytona. We’ll let Harry pick it up

from here.

ttached is a scan of a slide of a

FoMoCo company car with some

unusual options. I took the photo back

in 1965 and it got saved away in a

cardboard box. About two years ago

my nephew was going through some

old stuff my mother had. He scanned

the picture and sent it to me, asking

who the kid was by the fender.

As soon as I saw the picture I re-

membered taking it, and carefully

framing the dual air cleaners and the

automatic transmission lever because


Spring 2016 58

Wonder what it was like to grow up in the right place at the right time?

— Harry Quackenboss