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Is there something about that

that sounds good? Does it make

you feel just a little superior in

the Shelby or Cobra world? It

should. When it comes to these

cars, being a SAAC member

brands you as an “insider.” A go-

to guy. In fact, the positive feel-

ings toward the club held by its

members are so strong that once

some owners or enthusiasts be-

come members, they continue to

think of themselves as members

even after their membership ex-

pires. Sometimes for years. Or


Member for life? Not really.

Think of the club as a bus ride.

You pay for your ticket (annual

dues) and you take a seat on the

bus. The ride only lasts so long.

Then you have to get off and if

you want to keep going you have

to buy another ticket. You can’t

keep riding on your original

ticket forever. That’s how the

club works. It’s a pay-as-you-go

deal. And we hate to leave you

standing on the side of the road

as the bus takes off, leaving you

in a swirl of exhaust and road




Please make the check payable to “SAAC.”

Mail to:

SAAC Membership Office

PO Box 910193

Lexington KY 40591-0193


We need the following:

•Cardholder’s Name •Expiration Date

•CCV (3 or 4 digit number on the back of the

card) •Cardholder’s Billing Address

•Amount to be charged •Member’s Name (if

different from cardholder) )

fax: 859-256-0140



We need the following:

•Cardholder’s Name •Expiration Date

•CCV (3 or 4 digit number on the back of the

card) •Cardholder’s Billing Address •Amount

to be charged •Member’s Name (if different

from cardholder)



A lot of this surprises us, even

after forty years. How do you ex-

plain former members (yes—

we’re sorry to say, that’s the way

we describe them) continuing to

display SAAC stickers on the

windshield of their car? Why do

some former members still order

these stickers? We don’t get it.

We check the name of everyone

who orders stuff from SAAC, just

out of curiosity, to see if they are

on the membership list. But we

can’t explain why a non-member

would want a SAAC sticker, un-

less he or she doesn’t consider

themselves a non-member. If we

discover the answer to this, we’ll

tell you.

The club is now forty years old.

In car years that’s almost

500,000 miles. What fuels our

enthusiasm is your enthusiasm.

Over the last forty years SAAC

has probably had 20,000 mem-

bers. That’s just a guess because

we don’t keep information like

that. We wish we did, but back

when the club began we were

just happy it was successful. We

weren’t thinking that far down

the road. We also wish we could

identify everyone who has been

a member since 1975 and never

let their member slip. But we

don’t have that information, ei-

ther. There can’t be many.

The bottom line is that each

membership matters. Member-

ship dues pay the freight and en-

able SAAC to continue our goals:

the preservation, care, history

and enjoyment of these cars.

That has not changed in forty


Multiple-year memberships are

available and the current rate

will inoculate you against any

dues increases for the duration

of your membership.

Annual renewal dues: $50. Outside of the U.S. is $75

annually (all materials are sent via air mail).