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Fall 2016



The magazine of the Shelby American Automobile Club

Fall 2016

ON THE COVER. The 50th Anniversary

of Ford’s 1966 LeMans Victory was cele-

brated by a special “GT40 Victory at Le-

mans 50th Anniversary” Class at this

year’s Pebble Beach concours. The cars in-

vited were all former race winners (with

the exception of a MKIII, included to pro-

vide a sampling of all GT40 models). The

Lords of Pebble don’t have to do much arm-

twisting to get the cars they would like to

see on their show field, such is the prestige

of being invited to this event. We’re guess-

ing (although we don’t know for sure) that

transportation and insurance costs for each

car are taken care of along with the highest

level of credentials. Our man on the scene,

Bill Fulk, captured the perfect photo on

Sunday morning, just prior to his being

grabbed by the collar by tossed behind the

ropes with the rest of the proles by Pebble’s

Security Gestapo.

Copyright © 2016 Shelby American Au-

tomobile Club. All rights reserved. No

part of this publication may be repro-

duced or translated without prior ex-

press written permission from the

Shelby American Automobile Club.


14 pages.

GT350s tangle at Spa in Belgium. Ever wake up

with the desire to have a 4-foot Cobra of your own? We have details. Did Bill

Cosby have a ‘66 GT350? We’d ask him for details but he has bigger things to

worry about. You’ll never again look at a hood scoop the same after seeing the

new GT350R2’s hood. New Ford GT 1966 Heritage model? Yes, and it’s Matte

Black. The Flip-Top Cobra: haven’t we seen that somewhere before? Maybe we’re

all in a Twilight Zone episode. And two CSX2000s? Uh oh. Call the lawyers.


9 pages.

Ride all four of the Cobra’s Curse rollercoast-

ers in Florida and win a prize. One of the four master eagle eyes tosses in the

towel. Which one washed out? We name names. He was replaced with another

candidate but is this just a flash in the pan? We shall see. Pardee nosing around

in a gallery in the Czech Republic? This guy doesn’t miss a thing. Snakeskin pat-

tern ladies’ shoes. Does Patty Hearst have a cobra connection? What does a preg-

nant stand-up comedienne have to do with a baby cobra?


5 pages

. The annual Pebble

Beach Concours d’Elegance is arguably the foremost concours event in this coun-

try. And maybe in the world. Just having your car there sets it apart from all the

rest – forget winning anything. So how do you reduce the 200-odd creme de la

creme of classic and exotic automobiles to the equivalent of a used car lot inven-

tory? You invite seventeen of the most historical Ford GT40s to form a special

class to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of their 1-2-3 LeMans victory.


4 pages

. 6S2186 has quite a story. When the

same car has been involved in a couple’s life for 47 years, it plays a central role.

You buy a ‘66 GT350 when you are seventeen, then meet the girl you will even-

tually marry. The car is your only transportation for use it to teach

your wife to drive a stick drag race it... and then you park it. For a long

time...30 years or so. A house and three daughters take precedence. But then it’s

time to restore it and start driving it again. What a story!