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was no exception: Bonham’s Collec-

tor’s Motor Cars Auction attracted 106

cars and motorcycles and according to

an after-action report, 81 of them were

sold; a 76% sale rate.

The car that caused the biggest

buzz, at least in our circles, was a

rusted-out 1966 GT350, 6S163. It was-

n’t really a “barn find” as much as it

was a car that was put into “unsuper-

vised” storage. As usual, ‘66 GT350

Registrar Howard Pardee knew a little

more than anyone else blabbering on

the Internet forums.

The car was attracting a lot of in-

terest in advance of the sale, at least

based on forum chatter. It was origi-

nally purchased by Fran Grayson of

Hyannis, Massachusetts from Natick

Ford in Natick, Massachusetts where

it had been used as a demonstrator.

He drove it until 1972, at which time

he parked it. Grayson was originally

an SOA member and joined SAAC as

soon as it was started. While the car

was parked without any kind of prepa-

ration or precautions, it was not “lost”

or “forgotten.” It remained in storage

for essentially forty-four years and al-

though Grayson claimed to have some

hazy plans to restore it, nothing ever

happened. The car had serious rust

but Grayson had purchased NOS rear

quarters and front fenders, and a pair

of rust-free doors. The original steel

wheels were replaced with Shelby/

Cragars when the car was au-

tocrossed. Grayson passed away and

his estate wanted to sell it; thus the

auction. It had just under 56K miles.

All of the parts he had collected went

with it, along with a four-inch thick

binder containing all documentation

from new, including every invoice and

receipt and a ton of pictures.

6S163 was sold at $159,500 (in-

cluding buyer’s fee) – a much higher

price than it seemed to be worth, and

this surprised almost everyone. If it

was worth that much to someone due

to its originality, a potential cost of at

least $100K to restore it (and likely

more, commensurate with the level of

workmanship and attention to detail

if it was a concours restoration) would

probably result in the new owner

being upside down in this car before

he could blink an eye.


Fall 2016 53

Marcel and Renee Perlman, 9F02R480317 Dan Weltman, 6S1473

Francis J. Wihbey

Jim Glickenhaus, J6

Charles McArthur, 0F03R481669