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negotiation and purchase process with

me, which is a story in itself, and took

a day off from school so we could travel

to Dallas with a trailer to pick it up. I

had the splitter, transmission cooler,

and brake duct kit still in their origi-

nal boxes. The picture shows Kyle with

the salesperson the day we purchased

the Boss. Boss 302s are awesome cars,

and the purchase experience from

Ford was second-to-none. From the

unique owner’s kit to the Boss 302

driving school at Miller Motorsports in

Utah that original owners got to at-

tend, it was a first-class Ford experi-

ence. I listed the car at $45K on the

Boss 302 Forum and on eBay. I re-

ceived several low-$40K offers, and

sold it for my $45K asking price from

the eBay ad. It went to a couple in

Riverside, California who are thrilled

with the car and the incredible docu-

mentation I had on it and on the Boss

302 program.

I told Automotive Consulting that

I was back in the market and they

found another four-option, white car

on the east coast in a small collection.

The price was $298K for this 1400-

mile car that came from the Don Davis

collection in Arlington, Texas. I re-

ceived pictures and testimony from

the owner that it was a perfect, never

damaged car, with all original docu-

mentation, car cover and bag, air com-

pressor, tow hook and battery charger.

At the same time, there was a

small Ford GT rally in central Texas.

A friend of mine took his black, no-

stripe car to the rally, and told every-

one that he had a friend who looking

for one and, low-and-behold, someone

said he knew of one that met my re-

quirements. Although the location was

not important as I planned to ship the

car I purchased to the GT Guy again

for inspection and modifications, this

car was in my backyard at the Austin

Ferrari dealership. Kyle and I went to

look at it in the pouring rain. It was a

very nice, low mileage car. Except it

had gray calipers and a bad gauge (a

well known issue with Ford GTs if you

don’t keep the battery charged). The

dealership was working on that. It was

the first white car that Kyle, who is

now 11, had seen. He called it a space-


I decided to purchase the 1400-

mile car on the east coast as Automo-

tive Consulting would ship it directly

to the GT Guy for me. Rich performed

his magic on the car, and like always,

he kept me informed along the way.

The car was delivered a couple of

weeks later.

A Ford GT is a lot different from a

Shelby or a Mustang. It is low and it

is so fast – and it draws so much

attention. With 4038 made, you would

think you would see more of them. I do

miss my 427 GT500, but a Ford GT

more than makes up for that hole in

my garage!


Fall 2016 51

Ford GT facts and figures courtesy of Jeff Burgy.