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Fall 2016 27

J-6. James M. Glickenhaus, Rye, New York.

Driven by Bruce

McLaren and Mark Donohue to 4th place in the 1967 24 Hours

of LeMans, its only race. Returned to Shelby American, fitted

with a “Gurney bubble,” painted red and displayed around the

U.S. on a publicity tour. Restored to LeMans livery in 1990.

M3/1101. Kurt A. Engelhorn, St. Moritz, Switzerland.


first of seven road-going GT40s which featured distinctive front

fenders with higher dual-headlights and a longer rear clip.

Shown at the 1967 New York Automobile Show. Recently restored

to original specifications.

M/10003B. Harley Cluxton, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Mirage, third

of three lightweight cars built for the Gulf Oil Co. with a nar-

rowed roof section. Raced in 1967 in Europe and at the end of the

1967 season it was rebuilt by JW Automotive into P/1074. This

car was built at a tribute car to Mirage specifications.

And the winners are...

1st - P/1046 - Robert Kauffman

2nd - P/109 - Dana and Patti Mecum

3rd - M3/1101 - Kurt Engelhorn

Charlie Agapiou, Ken Miles’ mechanic, and Peter Miles share a

memory in one of the GT40s that Ken Miles drove.

Edsel and Bill Ford acknowledge Dan Gurney with the 1968 and

1969 LeMans winner, P/1075.