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The first Coupe’s owner, Dr. Fred

Simeone, places a high value on cars

that are in “as-last-raced” condition

and they form the basis of his collec-

tion. CSX2287’s last race was LeMans

in 1965. Following that, it set records

on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The car

was then restored at Shelby’s and pur-

chased by Jim Russell of Russkit. He

had a slot car made and used the re-

stored coupe to visit slot car dealers

and meets to promote his models.

After two years of driving it on the

street he sold the car to put his two

daughters through college. The car

was purchased by songwriter and

music producer Phil Spector who

drove it on the streets of Los Angeles.

After collecting a large number of

moving violations his lawyer con-

vinced him to sell the now deteriorat-

ing car. It subsequently disappeared

for twenty-five years under bizarre cir-

cumstances. Even though the car is

hardly in “as-last-raced” condition,

Simeone is apparently struggling with

the temptation to restore it.

Not content to just have all of the

Coupes there, Lord March also invited

the car’s designer, Peter Brock. Coupe

drivers Allen Grant and Jack Sears

were also on hand. The cars partici-

pated in exhibition laps and provided

photo opportunities throughout the

entire weekend. It will be a hard act

for Lord March to follow next year.



CSX2287 - no number

Fred Simeone, Philadelphia, PA

CSX2286 - #9

Rob Walton, Scottsdale, AZ

CSX2299 - #13

Larry Miller Museum, Tooele, UT

CSX2300 - #16

Daniela Ellerbrock, Switzerland

CSX2601 - #12

Luis Perez Companc, Argentina

CSX2602 - #26

Kazuo Maruyama, Tokyo, Japan

Fall 2015 79