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SAAC-40 photographers: Jeff Burgy, Bob

Cassling, Chris Dugan, Bob Garland, John

Guyer, Greg Kolasa, Rick Kopec, Peter

Larkin, Larry Lutes, David Maffucci

Kopec found the podium and gave

a brief history of the club’s early years,

detailing how and where it came from

and like everyone else, wondering

where it might go. Ron Richards pro-

vided a history of Cobras and then in-

vited a couple of younger Cobra and

Shelby enthusiasts up on stage to ask

them a few questions about Cobra his-

tory. They passed with flying colors.

The purpose of this was to explain

that SAAC would need to educate the

younger generation of enthusiasts if it

was to continue.

The keynote speaker was Peter

Brock. He has been one of the club’s

biggest supporters since the very be-

ginning. Brock was fresh from attend-

ing the Monterey Motorsports

Reunion’s 50th Anniversary of the

GT350. He noted SAAC’s role in har-

nessing and maintaining the enthusi-

asm for Cobras and Shelby Mustangs

over the past forty years which re-

sulted in events like the 50th anniver-

sary commemoration on Monterey. His

comments were well received and in-


Finally, it was time for the part of

the program that was eagerly awaited

by the owners of the concours cars

parked beyond the dining tables: the

announcentment of the award win-

ners. SAAC’s concours is acknowl-

edged as one of the most thorough and

demanding competition in the entire

hobby. In fact, the standards are so

high it is rare that a car is restored by

an owner in his own garage. Profes-

sionals who specialize in concours

restorations have become the rule

rather then the exception. The owners

merely write the checks, and they

have plenty of zeroes in them.

You have to keep your eyes open at a convention or you might pass right by a car with

an unusually interesting history. Like 6S499. Richard Klein of Yorktown Heights, New

York is the original owner and he and wife P.K. have driven the car to 22 SAAC conven-

tions. It was originally purchased to compete in SCCA rallyes and won several national

events. They were SCCA Northeast Division champions from 1966 to 1971.

Everyone cleared out of the Kala-

hari on Saturday and headed to the

track. Cars for the popular vote car

show began arriving at 8 a.m. The

schedule called for voting between 10

a.m. and noon. As soon as the ballots

were counted and the trophies were

handed out the convention began

wrapping up. But for those who didn’t

want the weekend to be over the Indy-

Cars were practicing on the Tri-Oval

and the SVRA’s racing groups were

qualifying on the track’s Southeast


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