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As the action at the track contin-

ued, back at the Kalahari the concours

judging was taking place.It started at

8 a.m. and by 4 p.m. some of the teams

were still deliberating. As things were

wrapping up, some conventioneers

were returning from the track and

stopping by to look at the cars one

more time before dinner. The ballroom

had a magnetic attraction; maybe it

was the indoor location, or because of

how the cars were parked so closely to-

gether. Whatever it was, it was magic.


The pull exerted by the ballroom full of cars worked on just about everyone – Peter

Brock included. His personal favorite was CSX3133, which he described as the finest

Cobra he had ever seen.

278 Fall 2015

One downside of the Kalahari was the hike

from the hotel’s main lobby and restau-

rants to the convention center. It seemed

like a mile but it was probably more...

An unidentified prankster slapped this

vulgar bumper sticker on the back of

Pardee’s R-Model when no one was look-

ing. If anyone knows anything about this

please contact SAAC HQ. Behavior like

this cannot be allowed to continue.

On Friday, during the concours judging,

there was a long line of concours entrants

pumping coins into the fortune-telling ma-

chine in the hotel’s arcade. They wanted

Zoltar to tell them if their car was going to

win a gold award but the only predictions

they received were about the weather, good

luck, meeting new friends or finding some-

thing that had been lost.

Phil Remington passed away two years

ago; he was 92. He was universally re-

spected by everyone who knew him and it

looked like a book about him was not going

to be written. Former GT40 mechanic and

fabricator on Shelby’s team, Phil Henny

was not about to let that happen. His book

about Rem was completed and he had

copies at the convention, which sold faster

than snow cones in the Sahara desert. Get

one at: