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Friday was the second track day.

Things went smoothly; everyone knew

the drill from the day before. There

were sessions in the morning and af-

ternoon. Qualifying for the SAAC vin-

tage race was scheduled for the

morning; the race, itself, was held at

the end of the day. Sixteen cars were

were entered and fifteen made the

starting grid. Lest anyone thing that

SAAC’s vintage race is merely an ex-

hibition race, many in SVRA’s staff de-

scribed the race as the best one all

weekend. The front half of the grid

was where the most aggressive driv-

ers were, sitting in the most powerful

cars. Scott Hackenson, in his ‘67

notchback [


] took a dip near the

start/finish line without lifting and as

a result, launched his car off the track.

Once committed, he went deep into

the first turn and, to his surprise, he

was followed by eventual race winner

Gary Moore in his ‘66 GT350. Moore



] not willing to concede the lead;

followed closely, he locking his brakes

at the last minute. He was able to pass

Hackenson and keep the lead for the

rest of the race, with Hackenson nip-

ping closely at his heels.


Fall 2015 277

1965 was a very busy year for Shelby American. The Cobra won the World Manufacturers Championship, the 427 Cobra and GT350

were introduced and Shelby American took over Ford’s GT40 effort. Who would have thought that fifty years later, enthusiasts

would be celebrating more anniversaries than they could keep track of? Commemorating the Cobra’s victory was a natural at SAAC-

40, except that with Coupes now worth north of $10M, providing insurance alone rendered them untouchable (and we tried). The

next best thing was Don Wells’ Daytona Coupe replica, which was a very close duplicate to CSX2287 [

pictured above, left, with

drivers Bob Holbert and Dave MacDonald

], the Coupe first raced at Daytona in February 1964. No show queen, Wells mixed it up

on the track in both the SAAC vintage race and in the SVRA Group 6 heat.