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The traditional Meet ‘N Greet on

Thursday night was well attended,

considering that it was held in a meet-

ing room down the hall from the ball-

room. The cars being brought in were

an attraction that was difficult to over-

come. Most people split their time be-

tween the ballroom and the Meet ‘N

Greet room where the registrars were

holding court, accepting new informa-

tion and answering questions.

We requested that the hotel’s

maintenance department provide us

with a telescoping platform at 11 p.m.

on Thursday. Almost all of the cars

would be in the ballroom by then and

we wanted to gain some elevation in

order to get a good photo for the cover

of this issue. We saw it as a once-in-a-

lifetime opportunity. Once the plat-

form was in place we herded everyone

in the room out of the picture. Mission



276 Fall 2015