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Wednesday was the traditional ar-

rival day, the day before everything on

the schedule came to life. People began

filtering into the hotel after noon. We

would not be allowed into the track

until 5 p.m. so you could sense the an-

ticipation. As usual, cars and tow rigs

began to line up early outside the

track. For registration we were as-

signed a small out-building within

sight of the tunnel and as people

began filtering through, the registra-

tion rhythm began to take hold.

Once inside the track, people were

able to find a spot to plant themselves

for the weekend, and Tech Inspection

was open. That proved extremely help-

ful to anyone running the open track

the following day. Those showing up at

the track for the first time on Thurs-

day found them in a time crunch. They

had to get through SAAC registration,

find a spot in the paddock to set up

and get theit car through Tech Inspec-

tion. All the time looking at their

wristwatch because the driver’s meet-

ing started at 7:15 a.m. and partici-

pants had to be there, no exceptions.

The SAAC-40 schedule had noth-

ing planned for Wednesday evening so

everyone was able to socialize; some-

thing a lot of people said there was

never enough time to do at conven-


The convention officially began on

Thursday morning with the usual hus-

tle and bustle. Once the cars began lin-

ing up for their open track sessions

things seemed to relax a bit as every-

one started to get acclimated to the

flow of the event.

The open track went smoothly, as

befits an activity that we have had

over thirty years of experience plan-

ning and running. Each run group got

out on the track three times before the

parade laps began at noon. There were

no incidents which might have re-

quired the yellow flags coming out,

which made participants happy. When

yellow flags are thrown, the clock for

the run group’s session keeps running

even though the cars do not.

The parade laps are popular be-

cause they allow conventioneers to ex-

perience the track without putting

their cars at risk. It also provides the

opportunity for car owners to give

rides to family members, including

kids, or friends. Turning the wheel

over to a wife, son or daughter is an

excellent way to show them what

lights your fire.


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