Factory Five Cobra For Sale


Clearcoat Guardian Blue, white stripe
Windshield wipers
Chrome roll bar
Wind wings on side of windshield
Tinted sun visors
Ray dot side mirror
Chrome quick jacks

Under hood:

Shorty headers and Ceramic coated side pipes
Hood hinge and gas supports
Aluminum clutch quadrant
Dual position switch for cooling fan
Flaming River rack and pinion steering
Radiator shroud cover Interior:
Simpson racing harness belts on both seats
Autometer gauge set- Speedometer, Tachometer, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, Charging Volts, Gas Gauge
Start button dash mounted, key hidden under dash
JVC Sirius satellite radio with cd and 4 speakers
Chrome fire extinguisher mounted between seats
Pro 5.0 shift, leather 5 speed knob
Black seats
Drink holder
Russ Thompson throttle pedal
Aluminum pedal pads
Tonneau cover for cockpit
Seat Pockets

Although this car is more fun than anyone should be allowed to have, you need to know it what it isn't. It is not a 500 horse, ground pounding, rip snorting, " runs good for at least 2 hours after a tune up" car. The engine is a stock 5.0 Mustang, and the transmission is a T-5 five speed. This combination in a car that barely weighs over 2000 pounds is already one FAST car that is a BLAST. Everyone is different, and God love the guys that brag that their car dyno's 512 horses at the rear wheels, but that's not me. I want a car to ride great, sound great, not have to be worked on weekly, and doesn't take a grown man and three boys to push down the clutch.

It is titled as a 2003 FFR and has a ID #, so I insure it normally with State Farm along with my regular cars. That's why I love this car. No work, all play. Since the day I bought the car 3 1/2 years ago I have replaced the starter solenoid and the alternator. That's it. A total of about 45 working minutes.As you can see, I also put in a radio and a cockpit cover. The cockpit cover (Florida rains at the worst possible times!) took zero time, and the radio took pretty close to forever (these cars are tiny to work in). The radio is a top of the line JVC with Sirius satellite built in. That's about the extent of my work on the car. Its funny, right after I bought the car 3 1/2 years ago, I wanted to replace the valve covers with cast aluminum ones that said COBRA. I bought the valve covers and they are still in the box. They go with the car. Also, I kept reading on the Cobra forums that changing the rear end ratio would make it faster off the line and give me more pick up. I bought the 3:78 gears, and the new speedometer gear to go in the transmission. They also go with the car.....still in the boxes. This car weighs 2160 and has a 5.0 liter engine and 5 speed transmission. It needs more pickup like a duck needs a business suit.

My idea when I bought this car was to take it to the beach, ride down the beach highway and enjoy. And that's what I have done. Unfortunately, (and that is why I am selling it now) I have used the car a total of 6101 miles in my 3 1/2 year ownership time. Roughly 145 miles per month. Too much garage space for too little usage.

The most important part of this car is not attached. It is the THICK three ring binder that comes with it. I get a real kick out of reading it and so will you. If you go over the notes below, you will see why.

It is broken into eight parts...

Section One:
The original instruction manual with notes from the builder and original invoice and Certificate Of Origin from Factory Five. The paperwork details every nut, bolt, and screw they shipped with the kit.You will know exactly what was ordered, and how to assemble and dissemble the car, should that be your thing.
Section Two:
Wiring system. Dash, gauges, wiper accessories, switches, rear, and front harness diagrams and specifications include all color codes. You will be able to trouble shoot any electrical problem without the usual "trial and error" method that is too much a part of most kit cars. Section Three:
Tire and wheel information, Flaming River rack and pinion instructions, and all alignment specifications.
Section Four:
Build info and photos from the time the kit was in the box till it was completed with every stage documented in photos so you can see exactly what went into the car.
Section Five:
Every accessory option and part from the radiator shroud to the brake air vents are detailed with instructions and invoices.
Section Six:
Paint colors from build including part #'s of the colors, invoices for purchase, details of bodywork and photos of the paint process as the car was sanded and painted.
Section Seven:
Receipts for every washer, grommet and hanger from a $1.99 spark plug wire to $96.35 for the driveshaft modifications.
Section Eight:
Photos of the original donor car, INCLUDING the original title to the car and photos taken during the disassembly and clean up process. This is invaluable should you ever need to prove ownership of the running gear, and is something few kit owners think about saving.

If you have ever purchased a kit car, you know that having all this information is priceless. There is nothing more frustrating than paying a mechanic hourly to run around trying to find out what car a particular broken part came off of so he can replace it. Worse yet, it is even more frustrating to find out nobody is even willing to work on the car because they don't know what they are getting into.

I found out about that problem the hard way: I went to an alignment shop right after I bought the car. I thought it was pulling a bit to the right. I had done business with them for years, and taken our work trucks to them regularly to get work done. The owner told me he had learned his lesson on kit cars and would never do another one. No matter what I said, he was not going to budge. I walked away stunned. Then I remembered this binder. I went home and got it, went to another alignment shop and took the book with me. They had the alignment done in about an hour. This binder not only tells you all about the car, but is fun to read and see the history of the car from day one. If you want a fun car, one that is not a show car, but looks great and runs even better, give me a call. Price is $28,900. You can't buy a Miata for that price, and this is a thousand times more fun. I am located in Jupiter, Florida, just north of West Palm Beach, and can be reached on my cell at 561-876-3133. If any of the photos don't come up well, I have a page on our company site with all photos:

http://www.surfsidepalmbeach.com/cobra .html

Thanks for your time.
Price: $ 28,900
Marting, Harold
eMail: hmarting@surfsidepalmbeach.com
Factory Five Cobra For Sale